Film and talk – UK and Poland. A message from history, Ukraine suppression and freedom – A message from history for the present day, a narrative spoken by one British family across generations.

A local Solicitor Graham Colley to participate in discussions at the screening of the film “Mr.Jones” at the College of Europe in Natolin, Warsaw on 22 October.

Over the past 8 months Graham has been active in organising film screnings in London and the South East of “Mr Jones”, a film telling the true story of Ukraine’s “unsung hero” Gareth Jones (Graham’s great uncle), it’s relevance to today and the history betwen Russia and Ukraine. These screenings have helped to raise vital funds and awareness for #Help Ukraine.

This screening will see Graham set off on Saturday 15 October travelling to Poland via Paris, Louvre and Vienna, combining both train travel and cycling to reach Natolin in Warsaw.

Organised by the College of Europe in Natolin, this film screening allows students to study the causes of the rise in totalitarianism in Europe in the past century.

The film tells the story of Gareth Jones a journalist from Wales who travelled in secret to the Soviet Union in 1933 and uncovers the truth about the Holodomor, the devastating famine in Ukraine in which millions died under Stalin’s regime. Introducing students to the events that led to ethnic genocide through a deliberate policy of starving the Ukraine population.

Together with the film director Ms Agnieszka Holland, President of the European Film Academy and Oscar nominee. Graham and his daughter who is also alumnus of the college have been invited to participate in a discussion about this important part of Ukraine’s history and to show support and solidarity with Ukraine’s people today.

Graham will then undertake a one day tour by train from Warsaw Auschwitz and Krakow before travelling home with an overnight stay in Berlin, then onto Paris before returning home.

With permission from the film distributor Signature Entertainment, Graham is honoured that he can continue his great uncle’s story, raising awareness of the plight Ukraine is facing and their difficult history. A successful screening at London South Bank University raised over £600 towards the Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal to provide food, medicine and critical services to support the vulnerable in overcoming the consequences and trauma of the Russian invasion.

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Graham Colley is participating in these film screenings and fundraising in a personal capacity.

A little snippet of Graham’s travels so far: