Most people throughout Kent and the South East will go about their lives with little or no consideration to what would happen if they suddenly became incapacitated due to ill-health or an accident. Or may have been noticing a slow decline in their mental capacity due to age.

Having a lasting Power of Attorney in place; a legal document that allows you to make arrangements to ensure a chosen individual(s) or attorneys can step-in and make decisions on behalf in situations when mental capacity or health is lacking.

There are two types of Last Power of Attorney (LPA); Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs to best ensure your personal and financial affairs will be taken care of by a person(s) of your choice.

Without having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place should you lose capacity or be unable to make decisions, spouses, partners and close family member may not automatically have the authority to act on your behalf which may lead to a long and expensive process applying to the Court of Protection so they can act on your behalf.

Partners or family members may not be able to access assts solely in your name or have a say in decisions affecting health and welfare or follow guidance in place to protect and respect your interests.

Graham Colley Solicitors is based in Rochester and provide their services throughout Kent. Offering practical assistance in completing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney. During an initial meeting with our specialist team we explain what each Lasting Power of Attorney covers and advise which would suit your personal circumstance, best ensuring that you are comfortable with the attorneys you appoint before proceeding to the registration process.

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