Providing a justice system and fair access to it are fundamental functions of the UK. It is necessary for an effective society and economy. After the 2010 General Election , the Ministry of Justice was subjected to some of the most severe restriction measures.

Reports have found that funding for justice had been reduced by 27% between 2008 and 2018 however, while the funding of the Ministry of Justice has fallen, matters are exacerbated by the population of England and Wales continuing to increase. The direct consequence is that funding per person has declined even further with the overall funding for the justice system declining by 29% per person since 2010. However whilst the prison service suffered cuts of 4% the section of the MoJ which would include the Probate Registry and the Land Registry. These of the departments which most affect our clients.

Probate delays and how Graham Colley Solicitor is navigating through the process

As a result of these cutbacks, the office has experienced first-hand, the significant delays at the Probate Registry. We have found that the “wait times” a considerably longer than those suggested by the Ministry of Justice.

These delays directly cause problems with property sales, sometimes even causing sales to fall through. Additionally, some beneficiaries have no option but to wait to see a conclusion to the estate administration to receive their entitlement. The delays also have had an adverse effect on tax compliance requirements for executors, causing an increase in costs and expenses payable by the estate.

In addition, during the Pandemic, the Probate Registry decided to embark on an IT project for filing applications. As with other Government IT projects, it can hardly have been described as a success. Indeed, we understand that a number of applications were lost.

At Graham Colley – Will and Probate Solicitor, we understand these delays have an impact on our clients. Chasing the Probate Registry or the Land Registry is a time-consuming and often thankless task. Unfortunately, patience is often the only suitable course.

For Probate enquiries please contact Graham Colley – Solicitors office during core office hours (Monday-Wednesday 10.30-4pm). We are based in Rochester, covering Medway, Maidstone and the wider Kent area.