Graham’s Just Giving is in the memory of Schnapps, who received much care from vets in his last year. But anyone who has a pet who tries to get a vet’s appointment knows how difficult it now is.

 We are all aware of the importance of the veterinarian in society from routine spay and neuter surgeries to the relieving the suffering of animals that have experienced traumatic injuries or chronic illnesses.  

According to a report by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, a total of 3.2m households in the UK have acquired a pet since the Covid 19 pandemic, with the majority of owners believing that their pet had a positive effect on their wellbeing during the pandemic. Conversely, Vetlife, a charity that provides emotional, financial and mental-health support to the veterinary community, received 4,000 calls to its helpline in 2020, its busiest year on record. 

Many practices have found themselves overwhelmed with lockdown puppies and kittens needing check-ups, vaccinations and neutering. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) conducted a survey of veterinary professionals in July and August 2021 and found that 80% of veterinary staff saw an increase in their caseload due to a rise in animal ownership. Many felt this took a toll on them, with 65% experiencing conflict between their wellbeing and their professional roles. Additionally, the high emotional stakes, staff shortages, costs of treatment and the stress of the pandemic, have all led to an increase of abuse towards veterinary staff. 

The direct consequence of this is that vets have a suicide ratefour times higherthan the national average and twice as high as other healthcare professionals, according to Oxford’s Centre for Suicide Research. Now, more than ever, veterinary staff need the recognition, support and gratitude which they deserve. It is for this reason, funding is essential to keep and maintain the spirits of these unappreciated heroes.

 We need more vets and that is why supporting the new veterinary school at Aberystwyth is so important.
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